Tree Services

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Tree Removal
Whether it is one tree or a vast quantity of trees; we are able to remove all types of trees with the minimum disruption. Trees are professionally dismantled section by section and then carefully removed from the property.
Professional lifting equipment is used to ensure that we can safely remove tree debris from even the most confined locations.

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Crown Reduction
General maintenance of trees is key to prolonging the life and health of trees whilst also being more visually appealing.
Crown reduction will reduce the overall density of the canopy. We typically aim to remove between 10% and 30% of each branch to give an overall reduction in the trees crown size.
This reduction allows more light through to the surrounding lawns and plants which can help to brighten up your garden.

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Stump Grinding
When trees have been removed and you are left with unsightly, inconvenient stumps it may be necessary, or preferable, to remove the stump(s) altogether. Tree stumps are easily removed with our modern and efficient machinery. We can grind out any size tree stump to well below ground level with the minimum of disturbance to the surrounding area with all waste being removed.

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General maintenance of trees is key to prolonging the life and health of trees whilst also being more visually appealing.
Pruning solutions are provided to improve access to property or to let in more light.We Remove dead, dying, diseased, crowded and low vigour branches using traditional techniques such as Pollarding and Coppicing.

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Tree Surveys And Reports
We provide a complete consultancy service for all your tree related needs.
We can conduct arboricultural site surveys and provide tree reports with work recommendations upon request.

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Emergency Tree Surgery
We provide a 24/7 emergency tree surgery service. We can make safe trees that may have become damaged by storm’s or high winds.
We can assess and if need be remedy any damage to leave the tree in a safe state.
Our professional team can quickly and efficiently respond to any emergency tree situation.

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Hedge Cutting
It is essential that hedges are maintained in order to prevent obstruction or interference with footpaths, gardens and roads. Our team of experienced tree surgeons use the latest hedge trimming equipment to produce a neat and uniform Hedge.