Tree felling is the removal of trees that may somehow cause damage to your property. Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons including death, irreparable stress, to make room to build a property, poor location, and to control infections or infestations that may harm neighboring trees.

Precision Dismantling

Sectional dismantling is the process of taking down medium to large sized trees a piece at a time. This involves using ropes and spikes to climb the tree, then if needed, the use of ropes to lower the branches to the ground. This technique is ideal for trees that are dead, dangerous, storm damaged, overhanging buildings & property or sites that have difficult access and/or confined space.

Remedial Works

The pruning of a tree depends very much what species the tree is. Different species are pruned according to the time of year, due to sap rising and risk of certain diseases. The amount of branches that can be removed from the tree depends on the circumstances in which the tree is growing, but on average between 20-25% of the photosynthetic area can be removed. Most pruning that is carried out is due to encroachment of property and highways or to reduce the likelihood of failure to a branch or tree. Pruning can be carried out to maintain the size of the tree, or to increase the amount of sunlight available to a garden or property.


As trees become older and larger they require management in their surroundings to allow them to be features rather than hindrances. When trees enter their latter stages of the life process they become classed as veterans and normally the crown starts to collapse as the tree saves its resources. These require many different types of works  crown reduction, exclusion fencing, fracture pruning and deadwood removal or reduction. 

Tree Managment Plans

A Tree Management Plan provides a framework for managing trees in streets and parks and on private property. The main focus of the plan is to enhance and improve our wonderful treescape by having a clear and consistent approach to how we manage trees.


In the unfortunate event that we have to take a tree down, we can recycle the tree into woodchip, this can be reused for many things including: Biomass, paths, garden boarders etc...,

Other Services

  • Highways Tree Maintenance

  • Preventative Tree Works

  • Stump Poisoning

  • Cable Bracing

  • Site Clearance

  • Woodland Management

  • Hedge Cutting

  • Hedge Reductions

  • Winch Extraction

  • 24hr Call Out Service

  • Stump-Grinding